Tubitak Projects

Production of ASTM F-75 Alloy by Vacuum Centrifigual Investment Casting Process – 1507 Project Number - 7140817

With NEV Vakumlu Hassas Döküm and Gazi University cooperation, dental cad cam metal block is produced under vacuum centrifugal casting and investment casting methods.CAD/CAM blocks are recently used in dental crowns, bridges, the design of dental restorations, such as inlays and manufacturing processes. Co-Cr-Mo super alloys formed by conventional casting methods of melting and casting affects the alloy during chemical reactions occurring casting defects adversely ,surface quality and mechanical properties. Improving the mechanical properties of Co-Cr base dental alloys are still been investigated .Co-Cr base super alloys have good corrosion and abrasion resistance. To increasethe strength and the high ductility, Nickel element storage (which has carcinogen effect), Cr2N element storage and heat treatment processes are used. However, at this Project, we manufacture ASTM-F75 implant material with low pressure vacuum centrifugal casting and investment casting methods, which has high strength and ductility without heat treatment process. As a result of this Project, the experience and knowledge gained is the first at its kind in national and international levels. Reduction of costs through domestic production, recycling materials, obtaining benefits such as academic publications and production of high technological value added products in standard ASTM F-75 materials and reduced heat treatment energy costs are the results of the results of the Project.