Our Principles

Fundamental Principles And Values

1. NEV HASSAS DÖKÜM(NEV PRECISION CASTING), is committed to healthy development, offer products and services in international quality and standards by ensuring customer satisfaction jointly with all its employees and stakeholders.

2. It is commited to carry out effective information management, constant improvement, innovative activities and sustainability of investments in order to be able to generate value for the customers.

3. Protecting the image established at homeland and abroad is the main objective. Any and all activities carried out and to be carried out for such purpose shall be supported by the top management.

4. Product safety and quality are objectives of top priority for our employees. Within such context, the employees are obliged to ensure the safety, quality of the products, the right product be in the right place in proper time as in line with the company’s standards and procedures.

5. In order to rise the quality of products and services, being able to increase the quality of employee, to employ the right personnel for the right position, to carry out activities increasing creativity, productivity and cooperation are all our basic concepts.

6. While their contracts with NEV HASSAS DÖKÜM are active as full-time, the employees may not work in another job, exercise any business in his/her own name and on behalf of himself/herself directly and indirectly.

Legal Framework

7. NEV HASSAS DÖKÜM, has adopted as a principle to act during its activities in line with rules of ethics within framework of internal rules, procedures and instructions jointly with national and international law regarding its field of activity, international conventions which the Republic of Turkey is a party of, the Constitutional Law, laws.

8. NEV HASSAS DÖKÜM, undertakes to provide equal rights to its employees in employment and working processes without making any discrimination of language, religion, race, sect. It improves the working conditions by taking this principle in to account. Behaviors and ections violating this principle can’t be tolerated.

Political Activity

9. In order to be able to develop innovative products, increase the quality of the existing ones, produce materials which add value to our country together with establishing state policies for increasing the value of materials by investigating the impacts of human, animal and plant life on these, our firm may carry out supporting activities.

10. Supporting political parties, policies or candidates other than the aforementioned activities is out of question.

Environmental Protection And Occupational Health Safety

11. To behave with awareness of protecting human, environment and natural resources for Turkey and for the World and to disseminate this awareness, is our duty. Activities can be carried out within possible means for dissemination of this awareness.

12. We shall be conducting activities in order our energy can be used in most efficient way.

13. We aim to ensure in full manner the occupational health and safety in the Workplace and On-the-Job. We are aware that work accidents cause not only us but our society and related family structures to be spoiled. We shall ensure all our Engineer group be personnel who have received OHS trainings and to acquire this consciousness.

14. What they have to do in Emergency Sates are being told to our employees and they are being ensured to be prepared for such conditions by constant reviewing.

Competition, Intellectual And Industrial Rights, Confidentialty Of Onformation

15. It is our basic principle to pay respect to the desires of making business, activities, the works they do and their labors of all the competitors of NEV HASSAS DÖKÜM.

16. We are aware that a right competition realized within framework of codes of conduct would strengthen all sectors.

17. We will show respect to brand, patent, utility model, etc. activities of third persons. Works in goodwill shall be implemented in order our competitors, too, show respect to our relevant works. It shall not be avoided to handle in Legal Dimension the problems which can’t be solved in goodwill.

18. NEV HASSAS DÖKÜM, produces specific internal supplementary agreements, develops protective processes and applies preventive actions in order any type of activity implemented by using its sources, which can’t be implemented by general and known PRECISION CASTING METHODS or even if implemented, which has to be used with specific research and development activities or information, data and documents which haven’t become public knowledge are not disclosed by the active and former employees.

19. NEV HASSAS DÖKÜM, our employees shall not be requested to disclose to us the information and documents of their former workplaces and employers not become public knowledge.

20. Any and all information, data and documents the employees have generated, used while performing their works and acquired through the financial means of the company, belong to NEV HASSAS DÖKÜM.

21. NEV HASSAS DÖKÜM, is obliged to take proper measures required to protect the confidentiality of the commercial, administrative and technical information and data it has acquired while performing its works or while making specific research and development from third legal persons and entities and from public authorities.

“I agree, declare and undertake hereby that I’ve read and accepted the rules specified hereinabove and that such rules are an integral part of my employment contract and I will act according to such rules during the course of my duty, in case, I violate these rules or I approve, direct such actions violating these principles or I fail to do the required notice in a proper way and time even though I have knowledge on these subjects, I know that I could be subject to various disciplinary sanctions which could extend up to termination of my employment contract and my consent on this subject.”

The employee will write by his/her handwriting “name-surname”, “date” and affix his/her signature under each and every page of the above text of total 2 (two) pages. Furthermore, he/she will write “I‘VE READ AND AGREED” under the last page.