4 IQ Management

Intelligence: Accourding to our objective, we creAte our own knowledge, which is eligible for national and international scientific methods

Inovation: The customer expectaions and reactions are changing very quicly. We are focused on giving them new competitive solutions with in the framework of these expectations.

Improvement: An object is standard object For us. We want to look at her with another view and persp ctive, than redefine and improve.

Investment: We are investing our business continously

04th March 2013 $ 33.333 ALL PAID-IN CAPITAL
18 th Agust 2013 $ 935.350 ALL PAID-IN CAPITAL
02 nd Februbary 2015 $ 1.427.085 ALL PAID-IN CAPITAL
01 st september 2015 $ 1.756.085 ALL PAID-IN CAPITAL